About Us

Thompson Chemicals & Solvents is a wholesale and retail distributor for chemicals and solvents used in the printing, painting, automotive, and cleaning industries, among many others.  Service is a major component of our business model, including prompt turn-around time, put-away in your chemical room, and 24-hour phone coverage.

Some of the categories that we supply include:
     Lacquer Thinners                 Windshield Wash Fluid            Acetone
     Paint gun Cleaner                Spot Removers                        Electric Motor Cleaner
     Wax Removers                    Oil Dry                                    Kerosene
     Print Blanket Wash              Print Roller Wash                    Print Type Wash
and lots more.  We specialize in blending and formulating products to meet your individual needs.

Visit our sister company, The R.F. Thompson Co., manufacturer and distributor of Awesome® Natural citrus-based line of cleaning products, at www.awesome-cleaner.com

Thompson Chemicals & Solvents
P.O. Box 7167
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64507-7167
Email: info@thompsonchemicals.com
Local: 816-279-2110 Toll Free: 800-891-2426